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THE Cutting-Edge Voice Training System That Is Changing The Lives of Singers, Speakers, and Business Professionals All Over The World!


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Are You a Speaker, Media Performer, Singer or Business Professional Looking For The Secret To A Strong, Powerful, Lasting Voice?       

Have you been searching for a Voice Coach who offers easy, effective Voice Lessons that will instantly improve your Speaking & Singing Voice? Well good luck if you don’t live in Hollywood, Nashville or New York. And when you do find that perfect Voice Coach, you will pay between $125 to $300 for an hour of their time—OUCH!!!

Joni Wilson Teaches Voice ClassNOW, NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE— At a Price Everyone Can Afford—You Can Experience America's Premier Voice Coach and Best-Selling Author Joni Wilson’s Amazing 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System—THE CUTTING-EDGE Voice Method that is Changing the Voices, and Lives of People All Over the World.


With the click of a mouse, you can experience Joni's amazing 3-Dimensional Voice Technique® at the introductory price of $9.95 for a full 30 minute (or more) voice lesson. (Lesson times will vary but never less then 30 minutes.)

In these introductory Audio MP3  lessons, Joni will personally walk you through the steps it takes to help you improve your voice and give you the tools you need to:

    >  Dramatically Increase your Vocal Range

    >  Double your Voice Power

    >  Gain Control of and Increase the Breath

    >  Create a Perfect Voice for your Message

    >  Avoid Voice Damage

    >   Face and Defeat the Stage Fright Monster

    >  Pick the Right Songs for YOUR Style and

        Voice Plus much, much more.

For only $9.95. you can download an MP3 Voice lesson plus PDF Worksheet on your Computer, CD, Tablet or Phone and practice at home, in your car or office. Just take one lesson a week and repeat that lesson over and over, or buy  5 lessons, and  Joni will give you the  6th lesson FREE!

Lesson 1

Anyone CAN Sing! Introduction to Singing 101

Lesson MP3 + Download PDF

Lesson number one gives you the basics you need to begin your singing experience and answers the question, “What is a singer?” This lesson will show you why, with a little understanding and practice, Anyone Can Sing! You’ll learn the secrets of strong  breath control and how to create good pitch. This lesson has a bonus 10 minute warm-up to get you started. Don’t forget to download the PDF handout that goes with each lesson. And the most important part of each lesson is . . . have fun!!



Lesson 3 Warming -up The Voice

Lesson MP3 + PDF Worksheet


A good vocal warm-up is as vital to a singer/speaker as it is to a professional athlete. A bad warm-up is more harmful to your voice than no warm-up at all. Knowing how to tell a good warm-up from a bad warm-up is vital to your vocal health and your performance. (Specify Male or Female Warm-up)


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Lesson 2

Breathing Your Way to Better Pitch and Voice Control Lesson MP3 + Download PDF

Singing or speaking, your voice is a “wind instrument” and needs powerful breath to support it. This lesson introduces you to parts of your body you had no clue were connected to your breath or your voice. For advanced vocal power, don’t miss this one! (Singer/Speaker)


Click for Voice LessonTwo

Lesson 4

Yodels, Breaks, and Voice Cracks: How to Sing Around Them, Use  Them or Eliminate Them Completely. Lesson MP3 + PDF Download


There is nothing more humiliating than a voice that “yodels and cracks” on the high notes. The good news is, there are proven techniques that will help you gain control over your voice “breaks” and avoid sounding “pitchy.”. Lesson four will give you secrets the pros use to “hit” those high notes.


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Lesson 5

How to Pick the Right Songs in the Right Keys  For Your Voice and Style.

Lesson MP3+PDF Song List Download

Anyone who watches American Idol or The Voice has heard the Judges say, “Bad song choice.” over and over. Fact: The songs you choose can make or break your performance period! Lesson two helps you find the right songs for your voice and also shows you how to find the right “key” to sing it in. This lesson includes an extensive list of suggested songs for your voice, range and ability.


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Lesson 6

9 Secrets to Keeping Your Voice Healthy and Young for the "Best" of Your Life  Lesson MP3 + PDF Download


With proper voice technique, your voice NEED NOT weaken with age. This lessons will teach you how to give yourself a “Voice-lift” for life It will introduce you to your amazing 3-Dimensional Voice®, and give you a list of “do’s and don’ts,” and things to avoid when performing.  This lesson gives you Everything you need to keep your voice healthy, even when your NOT! Plus much more. . . (Singer/Speaker.)


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For Audio MP3 Singing and Speaking Voice Lessons with Supplemental PDF Worksheets. Click on the  Lessons  above to See the  content of each lesson then click the blue button below to go to Joni's 3-D voice site & order your lessons:

Joni is Also Available for Private One-On-One Lessons Over Zoom and in person at her Voice Studio 54 on 54th Street in San Diego (See contact page for directions.) or call Voice Studio 54 (619)-229-0726

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