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FEBRUARY 5, 2015


The Voice of Success is another Big Success for Internationally Recognized Voice Trainer Joni Wilson. In less then 5 hours after Joni's Book went "live" on Amazon.com, it had earned the coveted #1 position   in 3 categories.

This latest vocal gem from master voice trainer Joni Wilson's 8 voice book arsenal comes with a huge bonus. Joni has generously added to this revised edition of the Voice Of Success, nine of her best voice lessons. The reader will find a link at the end of the first 9 chapters that will take them to a download page containing a separate video voice lesson for each chapter.


The Voice of Success: A Women's Guide to A Positive and Persuasive Voice was first published by book giant AMACOM in 2009. After obtaining the rights last year, Joni added  chapters from the original manuscript that had been removed, plus up-dated information, plus the 9 Video Voice lessons.


What This Book Is About


Written just for women, the Voice of Success (revised edition), covers every facet of the female voice, with expert advice on how to minimize its assets and overcome any liabilities  (including sounding too young or too old.)


 Voice trainer Joni Wilson has helped women through-out the world communicate more effectively and advance in their careers by showing them how to use their voices to get what they want. The original version of this book was recently translated in Arabic for Women!, and make a difference in their companies and their communities. In this book she will show you how to command attention by conquering women's top voice complaints. With the easy to follow tips, you will discover;

• How to double your vocal power

• The eight deadly emotions and how they affect your voice

• 10 ways to keep your voice young and healthy

• How to defeat the jitters  (And Conquer the Stage Fright Monster)

• How to tune up your voice image to attract clients and make money

• How to create the right voice for the office and for public speaking

• How your hormones affect your voice and what to do about it

• How to create an engaging telephone voice

• Bonus chapter: How to program your voice and your life for Success and much much more.


Plus: 9 Bonus Video Voice Lessons




Coming in March 2015 By Popular Request:

The Male Version of:

The Voice of Success, Male Edition: Voice Tools For The Man Who Commands Attention!

Stay Tuned . . .


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